Installation for Avg Antivirus 2018

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Installation for Avg Antivirus 2018

AVG is a popular antivirus program that offers a number of different variants to serve the needs of different kinds of users. A general overview on how you may easily download and install this antivirus program to your computer is given below.



Download the installation file from AVG.Com


Run the downloaded file to start the installation process.


On the welcome screen, select your installation language, and click Continue.


Enter your AVG My Account Username and password, and click Log in.

Note: If you don’t have an AVG My Account yet, you can either create a new account or skip this step at this point.


Wait until the installation is finished, and then restart your computer to finish the process.


After the restart, open your AVG program.


Click the Antivirus Free tile to open the dashboard.


AVG Protection Free 2016 includes an improved antivirus engine which blocks viruses, spyware, and other malware. You can also make use of AVG Zen which can be used to control all your devices from one dashboard.

You can install the product using the following simple steps:

1. Running the setup:

Simply locate the setup and run it. You can choose to run it as administrator if you want (in this case you will be required to right click the setup file and choose “run as administrator”, you should have administrative privileges such as a password to successfully do this). Otherwise, just open it as a normal file by double clicking it.

You will be prompted to either disagree or agree with the user agreement terms and conditions. Click on “I agree/accept” to continue the installation process.

You will be required to choose the folder for the files of the program. Just click “ok” to continue with the installation process since the files will be stored on the default disc.

2. The installation process:

Once the installation process has been initiated, you can wait for it to be complete. This often takes a few minutes. If you are installing from the internet, the product components will be downloaded directly and installed thereafter.

3. Completing the installation process:

In order to successfully complete the installation process, you will have to click on “finish” after the complete installation prompt has emerged.

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