Uninstallation for Bitdefenred Antivirus 2018

Bit defender Internet Security conducts the widest task range, and it does it without constant disturbing users requests and notifications. This is a big integrated antivirus, but its influence on the system turned out to be higher the average index. Anyway, this is a good choice for effective computer protection.

Below is the step by step instructions that help the user to uninstall it.


Step-1 Download the suitable Uninstaller for your specific software, here: bitdefender.com/uninstall

Make sure you choose the uninstaller of the product you have installed; don’t choose an Internet Security uninstaller if you have Total Security installed.


Steps-2 Click the “Download” link at the bottom of the popup you get.

Step-3 Open your downloads folder and run the file you downloaded.


Step-4 And Now, Allow Windows to run the uninstaller by clicking “Yes”.

Step-5 Click “Uninstall” on Bit defender’s uninstaller menu that opens.


Step-6 On this step, the software will begin uninstalling from your computer.

Follow the progress.


Step-7 You might get a firewall permission request because Bit defender’s uninstaller needs access in order to configure your firewall properly and not leave your computer exposed after it’s uninstalled.

Click “Allow access” to continue the removal process.


Step-8 Once the process is done, you will receive a confirmation window and be requested to reboot.

Some Reasons Why to uninstall Bit Defender:

  • Firewall default settings has some negative protection measures;
  • system performance average influence;
  • some difficulties with installation on infected systems;
  • Functionally limited password manager.
  • VIP tech support costs just under $50 for help from a certified Microsoft technician.
  • Password management feature for your digital wallet can use improvement.
  • Installation requires a time investment.