How To Fix Kaspersky Error 0xa04c000F

How To Fix Kaspersky Error 0xa04c000F

Error Number: Error 0xa04c000F
Error Name: Kaspersky Error 0xa04c000F
Error Description: Second trial key file cannot be added
Developer: Kaspersky Lab
Software: Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Applies to: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Symptoms of Error 0xa04c000F

Runtime Errors in a computer system while Installation, Activation etc. of software can be caused by any of the factors like issues related to improper or incomplete Installation, corrupt downloads, missing files etc. Troubleshooting each of their possible causes is the best approach to fix these types of issues.

Error 0xa04c000F in Kaspersky Anti-Virus might occur due to any of the following causes:

  • Incomplete Installation process or corrupt downloading of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
  • Recent Installation or uninstallation of any Kaspersky Anti-Virus related program or files might have corrupted the Windows registry.
  • Windows System files or Kaspersky Anti-Virus related program files have been affected by any Virus or malware infection.
  • Missing Kaspersky Anti-Virus program related files as these might have been deleted (either maliciously or by mistake) by some other program.

Causes of Error 0xa04c000F

An error can appear anytime while downloading, installing or uninstalling etc. of Kaspersky Anti-Virus program or when the antivirus is being run. These errors can cause your Computer System behave in an unexpected way like your Windows can shut down unexpectedly, running program window might crash etc. Error 0xa04c000F in Kaspersky Anti-Virus appears with the following symptoms.

  • The active program window crashes every time Error 0xa04c000F appears.
  • Your PC frequently crashes with the same Error 0xa04c000F when trying to run the same program.
  • Second trial key file cannot be added is displayed on your screen.
  • Windows responds really slow to any activity and runs sluggishly or reboots on its own.
  • The Computer System frequently “freezes” at periodic intervals.