Installation for Mcafee Antivirus 2018

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Installation for Mcafee Antivirus 2018


Antivirus programs are necessary accessories to your computers. Anytime you connect to the internet, your computer or smart device is bombarded by malware. Having a reliable anti-virus program therefore is an inescapable endeavor. McAfee antivirus is reliable software that is designed to detect, prevent and remove viruses.

McAfee anti-virus program can be accessed from their website which is .The following steps can help you install the anti-virus.



You may need to begin by creating an account with McAfee on their home page. Connect to and click on my account then on create account. Follow the prompts on the interface like the one below


Connect to the internet and go to


Sign into your account by clicking onto login as shown by the arrow and following the prompts to sign in.


Several McAfee packages will appear. Select the McAfee software package that you want to install by clicking on it. You can also click on additional products that you want to install with your software suite.


A drop-down menu will appear prompting you to add a device. Click on the device from the drop-down menu that is similar to the one you want to install the anti-virus on then click on download.


An interface will appear asking you to allow McAfee to make changes on the hard drive on your computer. Click on save as indicated below


Read the agreement license, agree and click continue for the installation process to commence.


Follow the prompts to install.


Your device will notify you when the installation is complete by showing the interface below. Click on finish to complete the process.


The installation is now complete. You will be prompted to restart your computer. You are free to let your antivirus protect your computer.

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