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Uninstallation for Quick Heal Antivirus 2018

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Uninstallation for Quick Heal Antivirus 2018


In case you want to Uninstall Quick Heal from your system for any reason, you can refer to below given step by step manual. Before uninstalling the Quick Heal product, you should ensure that all your data is saved and all the programs are closed. Now you can follow the following steps to uninstall Quick Heal from your system:

Step 1: Launch ‘Start’ and go to ‘All Programs’.

Step 2: Now from the ‘Quick Heal’ group option, select ‘Uninstall’ Quick Heal.

Step 3: Select your un-installation preference and click ‘Next’ to continue.

• If you click on ‘Remove Quick Heal and keep update definitions files’, Quick Heal will keep license information, downloaded updates, reports, quarantined files etc. on your computer to be used at the time of re-installation of the same product.

• If you select ‘Remove Quick Heal completely’, it will completely remove Quick Heal from your computer.

Step 4: After clicking on Next, uninstallation would be started.

Step 5: After uninstallation is done, restart your system for changes to take effect. You can also choose the option ‘Save to file’ to save the product key for future reference.

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