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Reinstallation for Trend Micro Antivirus 2018

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Reinstallation for Trend Micro Antivirus 2018

Reinstalling the latest version of Trend Micro Security program can be due to any reason. Below are the few possible scenarios in which you would wish to reinstall a Trend Micro Security program:

• If you want to Upgrade from an older version of Trend Micro Security to the latest Trend Micro Security version.

• In case you are Transferring Trend Micro Security antivirus to a new computer.

• If you have accidentally Uninstalled Trend Micro Security.

• If you have Lost Trend Micro Security during system restore.

• If your hard drive has been crashed, formatted or replaced.

• If your computer system was replaced or you are switching your PC.

• If your Operating system was upgraded or reinstalled.

• If you are installing without a disc.


Installing the latest version of Trend Micro Security program provides better performance and protection. Till the time you have a valid subscription, the upgrading of the Trend Micro program is provided free of cost. To download and reinstall the latest version of your Trend Micro Security program, perform the following steps:

Step 1:

Get a copy of your Serial Number.

To find your Serial Number through your Trend Micro Main Console, do the following:

• Open the main console of the Trend Micro Security software and either double-click on the Trend Micro icon on your desktop or double-click on the Trend Micro icon on your system tray.

• Click on the “Account Profile” icon and then click on “About the Software”.

• The About your Software window will get open containing the Serial Number and its Expiration Date.

Login to your Trend Micro Account:

• Sign in to your account entering your email and password.

• The Product Panel window opens containing the Serial Number and its Expiration Date.

Check through

• If you bought the Trend Micro program from an online store, then visit that website (

• Now type either the Order number and password or Email address and the last 4 digits of the card you have used to buy the product and click on “Find”.

Step 2:

UNINSTALL your current Trend Micro Security program.

Step 3:

To determine which Trend Micro program you want to download and install, check the first letter of your Serial Number. And then follow the INSTALLATION procedure.


You are required to reinstall your Trend Micro program but you can’t find the copy of the Installer. This can happen due to any of the following reasons:

• If you have lost your Backup CD.

• If your computer system got crashed.

• In case of Initial download failure or interruption.

• If your computer system has no CD/DVD Drive.

• If you have accidentally deleted or lost the Installer file.

• If the Installer file is corrupt.

• In case you are not able to access the download from the Order Confirming Email.

You can download the Installer File in 2 ways:

Method 1

• To begin with the installation, first download the Installer (.exe) file.

• On successful download, double-click on the to run it and in the UserAccount Control window, click on “Yes”.

• Let the Installer file extract the files that are required for the installation.

Method 2

Download the Installer from the Digital River Online Store:

• Go to the Digital River Online Store.

• Under Quick order Lookup, type your Order number and password and click on “find”.

• It would display all your purchase details.

• Under Product Name, click on “Begin Download” and save the file to your desktop.

• Once download is complete, go to your desktop and double-click on the Installer file to start the installation process.


Latest Versions:
• Premium Security

• Maximum Security

• Internet Security

• Antivirus+ Security

Android Devices:

• Mobile Security for Android

• Mobile Security Backup and Restore

• Longevity Battery Saver

Mac & iOS:

• Antivirus for Mac

• Mobile Security for iOS

• Dr. Cleaner

Older Versions:

• Premium Security 10 / 2016

• Maximum Security 10 / 2016

• Internet Security 10 / 2016

• Antivirus+ Security 10 / 2016

• Premium Security 2015

• Maximum Security 2015

• Internet Security 2015

• Antivirus+ Security 2015

• Titanium Premium Security

• Titanium Maximum Security

• Titanium Internet Security

• Titanium AntiVirus Plus

Data & Privacy:

• Password Manager


• Internet Security Pro

• Internet Security

• AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware

• Mobile Security for Android 2.0

• Mobile Security for Android 3.0

• Mobile Security for Android 5.0

• Trend Micro Online Guardian

• SafeSync

For Dell & Other Products:

• Internet Security for Dell

• Security for ASUS

• Instant Security

Other Devices:

• Kids Safety + Web Security for PS3/PS4/ PSP

• USB Security

• Windows 8 Apps

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